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The Souls Looking-Glass by William Fenner – Updated 5/21/14

We are undertaking a year-long project, the goal of which is to produce a somewhat more modern English rendering of William Fenner's (1600-1640) seminal work, "The Souls Looking-Glass," a treatise on the conscience. We are committed to making as few corrections as possible, in order to preserve the meaning and richness of Pastor Fenner's original text. As far as we know, there are no pdf copies of this book——either in modern or original English script——available online. We feel that this book is an essential to a better understanding of the biblical view of conscience, and it is this book's value, as such, that moves us to this labor.

Thus far, we have transcribed the Introduction of Fenner's Treatise, which was written by Edmund Calamy (1600-1666), the Table of Contents, and a portion of the first section. As time goes on, we will add additional pages of the book, Lord willing. If you have any comments or questions about this project, please feel free to contact us!