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Author(s) Title Sell price Buy it now button Image Publication Date
Sounds of Nature: Southern Swamp $5.50
Sounds of Nature: Southern Swamp: Cover
Edinburgh Castle Official Guide $2.75
Edinburgh Castle: Cover 1980 Fifteenth Impression
John Wycliffe: The Morning Star [VHS] (1984) $1.95
John Wycliffe: The Morning Star: Cover 1984
A Connecticut Pastor Ecce Coelum; OR Parish Astromony: In Six Lectures $15.95
Ecce Coelum; OR Parish Astromony: Cover 1867 Twentieth Edition.
A. Bernstein Jewish Witnesses for Christ $5.95
Jewish Witnesses for Christ: Cover 1999
Abba, Herbert W. To Build and to Plant: Memoir of a Forty-five Years' Ministry $10.95
To Build and to Plant: Cover 1958
Abba, Raymond Nature and Authority of the Bible $8.00
Nature and Authority of the Bible: Cover 1958
Abbott, R. Tucker Seashells of the Northern Hemisphere $3.00
Seashells of the Northern Hemisphere: Cover 1991
Adams, Jay E. How to Overcome Evil $0.50
How to Overcome Evil: Cover 1977
Adams, Jay E. Shepherding God's Flock: A Handbook on Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, and Leadership $4.95
Shepherding God's Flock: Cover 1986