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Harmless As Doves by Thomas Watson

Harmless As Doves
Joseph J. Adrian

If the question is asked, "What is a Christian?" I think one of the best responses would be, "The true definition of a Christian is to be "in Christ." If someone is a genuine Christian, what is one of the surest marks of this? He is a "New Creature." Being joined to a visible Church does not make anyone a new creature. To be baptized, or to profess Christ does not mean someone truly possesses Christ.

How does anyone become a new creature in Christ? It is God who causes them to be re-made into the image of His Son. Can man will himself to be a new creature? Answer: "The turning of the will to God is from God." Does a person who truly believes in the Lord Jesus turn to God? Absolutely! No one can turn to God by themselves. The convicted sinner must turn to God, but first God must make them willing by His power through the work of His Spirit.

The New Creation, which is descriptive of all believers, requires more of God's power than in the creation of the world. Why is more divine power necessary in this New Creation? "When God made the world, He met with no opposition but when God is about to make a New Creature, He meets with opposition." The sinner's heart of stone must be made pliable, his enmity with his Maker must be overcome, and nothing but God's almighty Power can neutralize these obstacles.

In the sermon, "Christ Is All," Thomas Watson exhorts believers to make Christ all in various ways. 1. In your knowledge —— ". . . be willing to know nothing but Christ. Though you may know other things in their due place, yet know Christ in the first place . . . ." In all things give the Lord Jesus Christ the preeminence. 2. In your affections——desire Christ above anything else. Make Him "The Pearl of Great Price." In your affections, comparatively speaking, desire nothing but Christ. Your desire for anything, in relation to Christ, should be as nothing. 3. In your abilities. Use your strength (derived from Christ) for His Glory. Conquer ungodly lust in the strength of Christ. "Say to thy Goliath lust, I come to thee in the name of Christ." Our strength is not sufficient for these things but Christ's strength is.

Thomas Watson has long been among the most popular Puritan authors. These choice sermons in "Harmless As Doves" will help you see that this wide readership is justified.