God's Way Of Peace

God's Way Of Peace
Joseph J. Adrian

"God's Way Of Peace" is Horatius Bonar's classic work on how sinful man can be reconciled to a Holy God. It is one of the clearest written presentations of The Gospel from the 19th century (or any other century).

The initial chapter is "God's Testimony Concerning Man." Anyone who becomes concerned about "The State Of Their Soul" must begin to wonder——What does the God who created me think about me? Here is this Ambassador For Christ's response to that question——"Man has fallen. . . . In Adam all have sinned; in Adam all have died." Someone came to Jesus and asked Him——"What is the greatest commandment?" Jesus responds, "That you should love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. . . ." Have you done that? Have I done that? Bonar writes what the Scriptures clearly assert——"God's testimony then concerning man is, that he does not love God with all his
heart; nay,that he does not love Him at all."

The greatest charge that can be brought against any man, is that, hearing The Gospel—-"He does not believe on the name of the Son of God . . . ." According to "God's Inspired Book" - "He that does not believe on the Son of God is condemned already." Why is unbelief such a grievous thing to God? The author thinks that all unbelief has this characteristic-—"A good opinion of ones self and a bad opinion of
God." Those who have a good opinion of themselves, makes them think that they can find acceptance with God by something that they can do, or something that they are within themselves (I'm not as bad as others, surely God will accept me).

The chapter "Insensibility" is important in understanding God's free grace to undeserving sinners, which is found in the person and work of His son. What qualifications does anyone need to meet, in order to their "Coming To Christ" and trusting Him to save them? If this question were asked (I'm saying to those who profess to know God) a variety of responses would be given (such as——they need to feel their need of Him, or they need to have a certain degree of contrition before they "Go To Christ . . .). Bonar writes—"Faith does not spring out of feeling, but feeling out of faith, the less you feel the more you should trust." The only qualification you need "To Go To Christ" is to know that you are a sinner. If you
are a sinner (and therefore, are under God's condemnation) what should you do? "God commands you to come, without any further delay or preparation, to bring with you your sins, your unbelief, your insensibility, your heart, your will, your whole man, and to put them all into Christ's hands."

If you don't understand The Gospel as clearly as you would like, or if you desire to be better able to speak to others regarding how they can be reconciled to God, then Horatius Bonar's "God's Way Of Peace" is a book to help you do just that. May our Lord Jesus help all of His People to better understand and communicate His Gospel to the Glory of His Great and Holy Name.