Hidden Treasures Bird Search 2022

HIS CREATION, in partnership with PurJoy Bookshop, invites you to participate in our Ninth Annual Hidden Treasures Bird Search - Friday, May 20, 6 P.M. through Saturday, May 21, 6 P.M. your local time.

This is a great opportunity to explore Christ’s creation with your spouse, children, or friends. See how many different species of birds you can find within 24 hours! Participation in our Hidden Treasures Bird Search is meant for all—those folks who have difficulty distinguishing between a robin and a cardinal, as well as experienced birders. We just want to encourage individuals and families to get out in creation and—with app or bird book in hand—discover some of the avian wonders Jesus has made and enjoy His glory.

Prizes will be provided by PurJoy Bookshop for top winners in each category.
• Individuals
• Couples (married couples, parent-child, etc.)
• Families/Groups