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Wood, J. G.
McCosh, James
March, Daniel
Wood's Bible Animals: A description of the habits, structure, and uses of every living creature mentioned in the scriptures, from the ape to the coral $45.00
Wood's Bible Animals: Cover 1876
Woolley, C. Leonard Sumerians, The $3.95
Sumerians: Cover 1965
Woolley, Leonard Ur of the Chaldees: A record of seven years of excavation $2.00
Ur of the Chaldees: Cover 1965
Worth, C. Brooke Of Mosquitoes, Moths, and Mice $1.50
Of Mosquitoes, Moths, and Mice: Cover 1972 First Edition
Wright, G. Ernest The Old Testament and Theology $1.95
Old Testament and Theology: Cover 1969
Wright, Richard T. Biology Through the Eyes of Faith: Christian College Coalition Series $2.95
Biology Through the Eyes of Faith: Cover 1989
Wuest, Kenneth S. In These Last Days $6.95
In These Last Days: Cover 1954; 1981 Reprint
Wurmbrand, Richard Underground Saints: The Communist Persecution of Christians $1.00
Underground Saints: Cover 1968
Wurmbrand, Richard Tortured for Christ $0.35
Tortured for Christ: Cover 1993
Yamauchi, Edwin M. Foes from the Northern Frontier: Invading Hordes from the Russian Steppes $3.95
Foes from the Northern Frontier: Cover 1982