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Author(s) Title Sell price Buy it now button Image Publication Date
Ackroyd, P.R. (Editor)
Evans, C.F. (Editor)
Cambridge History of the Bible: Volume 1, from the Beginnings to Jerome $10.95
Cambridge History of the Bible, Volume 1: Cover 1975
Adams, Jay E. How to Overcome Evil $0.50
How to Overcome Evil: Cover 1977
Adams, Jay E. Power of Error, The — Jay Adams $5.64
Power of Error: Cover 1978
Adams, Jay E. Christian Counselor's Casebook $5.95
Christian Counselor's Casebook: Cover 1976
Adams, Jay E. Shepherding God's Flock: A Handbook on Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, and Leadership $4.95
Shepherding God's Flock: Cover 1986
Aharoni, Joseph Special Theory of Relativity $9.95
Special Theory of Relativity: Cover 1965
Aitchison, Stewart W. Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock Country of Arizona $2.95
Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock Country of Arizona: Cover 1978; First Edition — Third Printing
Aitken, A.C. Determinants and Matrices $3.95
Determinants and Matrices: Cover 1958 9th Edition.
Akeley, Carl E. In Brightest Africa (Memorial Edition) $3.95
In Brightest Africa: Back Cover 1923
Albone, Eric S. Mammalian Semiochemistry: The Investigation of Chemical Signals Between Mammals $34.95
Mammalian Semiochemistry: Cover 1984