A Treatise Of The Loves Of Christ To His Spouse by Samuel Bolton

A Treatise Of The Loves Of Christ To His Spouse
Joseph J. Adrian

In his insightful introduction to Samuel Bolton's exposition of The Song Of Solomon 4:9 "Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse . . . ," C. Matthew Mcmahon writes" . . . He is taken by the beauties and graces of His people . . . Christ is taken with such grace because it is Christ in them . . . ."

Bolton gives us the theme of The Song Of Solomon "This book is a parabolical history of the mutual loves between Christ and His Church." In expressing His love to His spouse, The Church, his heart is ravished. This is a violent emotional expression of the depth of one's affections towards another ". . . Thou hast taken away, thou hast stolen away my heart . . . ." It is reminiscent of what God's Word states when Eve was given to Adam, "The Two had become One Flesh (we are so joined to one another)" . . . as you and I have but one heart." This is such a deep expression of one's love and devotion to another as words can adequately convey. Words can express one's feelings to some degree, actions can go even further. Christ gave Himself, He suffered and died for His spouse. What greater expression of the depth of His love can be displayed? His Saints are of greater value to Him than all the riches, honor, pleasures, and kingdoms that this world can offer.

When He was on earth, His thoughts were continually upon "His People," His Children, His Church, His Brethren, His Followers. "And now He is in heaven, are not His thoughts on us?" He continually makes intercession for us and has prepared a place for us in His Father's mansion.

What a great encouragement to weary pilgrims to know how much their Savior loves and cares for them. The question that you should ask yourself (from the introduction and the back cover) is this——"Is He captivated by you, ravished by you, and in turn, are you then ravished back?"