Profiting From The Word by A.W. Pink

Profiting From The Word
Joseph J. Adrian

A.W. Pink has been called by some, "A modern day Puritan." One of the reasons for this is because his writings were greatly influenced by the Puritans——he quotes from the Puritans frequently. During his lifetime, many libraries were discarding Puritan books. There was little to no interest in their godly writings or their doctrinal positions. Much of what they believed was not in vogue. I believe Pink's influence, primarily through his written ministry, was a significant factor in promoting a renewed interest in the writings of these men (who Spurgeon believed were spiritual giants). "Profiting from the Word" is one of Pink's most practical books. His purpose in writing this book was to help professing Christians assess to what degree they were benefiting from their reading and studying of God's Word. It is based on 2 Timothy 3:16, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."

I remember reading a number of years ago a well known Christian writer (I can't recall now who it was) who thought "Profiting From The Word" was a very helpful book for Christians, but had this criticism. . . . He thought the first chapter should have been "The Scriptures and God" (which is the 2nd chapter). The first chapter is "The Scriptures and Sin." I did not agree with this criticism when I first read it, and this is why——sin separates man from his Maker. Until there is a realization of that by fallen sinful man, the Lord will not be sought. (Such a man does not see his need to be reconciled to God.) Conviction of sin is wrought in an individual by the Holy Spirit Of God, and this will take place before a man will begin seeking the Lord; and once this conviction of sin is wrought in a man's heart and mind he will seek the Lord until he finds Him.

In the chapter "The Scriptures and God," we are profiting from our reading of the Scriptures if we have "A clearer recognition of God's claims." God has the right to have his creatures be subject to Him. When any sinner becomes reconciled to God, "God's claims are now recognized. His rightful dominion over us is acknowledged, He is owned as God." Another indication that we are profiting from the Scriptures is that one now has, "A firmer trust in God's sufficiency." Whatsoever or whomsoever a man trusts is his God, the language and heart attitude of those who know God is along these lines——"O my God, I trust in thee . . ." Psalm25:2a."Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him" Job 13:15.

"Profiting from the Word" has been the most widely published of Pink's practical works. A.W. Pink has been my favorite Christian writer since 1985. Next to "The Sovereignty of God," it has been A.W. Pink's most helpful book for me.