Only One Way of Salvation ... by J.C. Ryle

Only One Way of Salvation...
Joseph J. Adrian

The 19th century Anglican Minister, J.C. Ryle, whose writings continue to have considerable influence in our day, opens the text Acts 4:12 "Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." This is one of the numerous clear statements in the New Testament that assert that Christ is the only way of salvation. Is Christ set forth as "The Only Way" in the Old Testament as well? Absolutely! Not in plain outright statements as in The New Testament but in type and shadow. For example, Noah's Ark the Ark is a type of Christ). In the Ark, there is safety from God's wrath and Judgement; remain outside the Ark and the wrath of God will be your portion. Joseph is a type of Christ in this sense-—"There was but one man to whom the Egyptians could go in time of famine. . . ." Joseph must be sought out to survive the famine, Christ is the only way to escape spiritual famine.

Ryle gives this observation from his day—-"It is not atheism I fear so much in the present times as Pantheism. It is not the system which says nothing is true, so much as the system which says everything is true." I agree with Ryle that the greater danger lies in the proclamation, or belief, that there are many ways to heaven, many saviors, a multitude of paths where peace with God can be attained and the wrath of God appeased. Men are more inclined to rest in their condition if they think they can and will be saved at their leisure, whenever they are inclined to turn to God. Perhaps when the trials of this life, press in upon them, then they will seek the Lord. If one is not 'In Christ' they are lost. The time to earnestly seek the Lord is right now. Do not delay a moment, for you do not know if 'The Day Of Grace' will be extended to you for another day, another hour, or another minute. The Bible is not only clear about the only way 'To Be Reconciled To God' (through faith in Christ alone)but it is just as clear when salvation is to be sought, without any delay whatsoever(seek Him with all of your heart while He may be found). Now is the accepted time of salvation, call upon Him while He is near.

Let this servant of the Most High help you to lead men "To the Only Savior of Sinners" through his poignant written ministry, scattering diamonds of truth from God's Holy Word.