New Life, New Walk

New Life, New Walk
Joseph J. Adrian

In New Life, New Walk the author is looking at the transformation that occurs when a person comes to believe on The Lord Jesus Christ. As an astute Pastor, he observes that in the change that takes place——"We don't receive something new——we ourselves become new." The verses that reveal the radical nature and completeness of this change have great perpiscuity—Galatians 2:20a "I am crucified with Christ,nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me...." In Ephesians 4:24, believers are exhorted to put on the new man. God desires that "His People" walk in newness of life; and the transformation that God works in them gives them the desire and power to do just that.

The power to walk in newness of life has both a positive aspect (doing what God commands) and a negative aspect, we are to fight against and not to yield - "our members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin..." - "If we say we are risen with Christ and have been transformed, we should act like it." When a person comes to Christ, they become a part of "The Family Of God," a son or a daughter of the Most High, live in the light of who you are now (In Christ) not what you once were (a fallen depraved son of Adam).

What are some of the principles of a person's new life "In Christ"? In chapter three, the first principle MacArthur gives us is from Ephesians 4:25a "...putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor." A lying tongue should never characterize a believer in Christ. God is the God of truth (He cannot lie). If He is our Father, that should be reflected in our lives. The world follows "The Prince Of This World," who is the Father of all lies (as God is the Father of all truth and God's Church is "The Pillar and Ground of the Truth"). Lying comes easy to those who love this world and walk according to its pattern. What will be the end of those whose lives are characterized by lying? - Revelation 3:18 "The fearful and unbelieving ...and all liars... shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire...." - "One thing is certain; liars will go to hell." Satan was a liar and a deceiver from the beginning - "Satan lies about life, death, God,... heaven, hell, good and evil." His lies are aimed at destroying the souls of men and turning them from God to worship him. Satan wants what belongs to God alone; the worship of His creatures.

Pastor MacArthur's "Bible Studies" will benefit those who are new to "The Walk Of Faith" as well as those who have long been on the road to "The Celestial City," whose streets are paved with gold. May our Lord Jesus be pleased to continue to use them, in the lives of "His People" for many years to come, until He returns.