The Excellent Name Of God by Jeremiah Burroughs

The Excellent Name Of God
Joseph J. Adrian

Jeremiah Burroughs was one of the eminent Westminster Divines. He was very influential in his day and many of his books are still in print. This recent publication by Puritan Publications consists of several sermons on Psalm 148:13 "Let them praise the name of the LORD for His name alone is excellent, His glory is above the earth and heaven."

Throughout the Book of God, it's announced that God is glorified in "His Creation." For those who know the Lord, this is understood and clearly seen, but it goes beyond that for God's People. The Psalmist ". . . rises higher to praise and bless God for what there is in Himself above that which appears in any creature."

For those who have been the recipients of the grace of God, though they see and bless God for all of His works (both in Creation and Providence)——". . . the thing that their hearts are most upon is God Himself." The more a person becomes acquainted with God, and the closer an individual "Walks with the Lord," the more he or she begins to see (by Faith)-—". . . the excellency that there is in God above all His works." His works are excellent, to be sure, but God alone is above and beyond all of His works.

The author makes a distinction between common grace (the ability to love and appreciate what God has given to people) and sanctifying or "Saving Grace." The difference is that the one who receives "Saving Grace" loves God more for what and who He is rather than for anything they receive from Him.

God's being so transcends everything else that exists that the world is as nothing compared to Him. The Puritan Pastor states this truth thus-—". . . He is such a being that in comparison to Him there is nothing even worthy of the name of a being."

"In God we live and move and have our being." The godly minister of Christ asks this important question, "How would people live if they truly saw this God in whom they have their being?" Most people seek to honor and respect their parents, how much more does the author of all things deserve our reverential fear? Burrough responds that one should seek to know this God, who gave them being and sustains that being. Further, they should fear Him and choose Him to be their Portion. This is the only wise and safe path.

Jeremiah Burroughs has long been one of my favorite Puritan writers. I first read many years ago "The Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment" and "The Evil Of Evils" and they have had a lasting impact upon my life. This work, "The Excellent Name Of God," is a book that would greatly edify any who know and love the Living God!