Evangelistic Praying by John MacArthur Jr.

Evangelistic Praying
Joseph J. Adrian

Should believers be concerned for those who are lost? If so, how great should that concern be? The Pastor of Grace Community Church since 1969, assumes that it is natural for a Christian to have a burden for those who do not know The Lord-"When someone we love doesn't know Christ, it's natural to pray for his conversion." Is the scope of a believer's concern for the lost limited to their loved ones? MacArthur cites 1Timothy 2:1-8 in considering 'Evangelistic Praying'.The apostle Paul begins the second chapter of 1Timothy by exhorting believers to bring supplications for all men.

What are a couple of obstacles to fervent evangelistic prayer? Some of the reasons this type of prayer is hindered are-"Because fervent evangelistic prayer takes time and energy." We all have a tendency to find the time for things that we think are important. How important is it, to you, that many if not most that we come in contact with(on a daily basis)are among those who are lost? The time and effort that you give to evangelistic prayer will answer that question.

There are many examples throughout The Scriptures, of God's people offering up prayers, for those who are far from God. The prophet Samuel considered it sin, not to pray for those who were living in rebellion against the Lord. This is what Samuel said in God's inspired book-1Samuel 12:23 "...God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you..." If it is sin not to pray for those who are opposing God, then it is clearly a believer's duty to 'Pray Evangelistically'.As to the importance of "Evangelistic Prayer" the seasoned minister of the Gospel asserts that-'It is the Church's primary objective'.-"The Church is in the world to reach the lost, but if the Church entertains a theology that limits the scope of The Gospel, that priority will be ignored."

If you would be a "Soul Winner," evangelistic prayer is an absolute necessity-"you cannot bring souls to God if you do not go to God yourself." Do you desire to see sinners go to Christ for mercy? Do you long to be an instrument in God's hands to bring lost souls to the 'Only Savior Of Sinners'? John MacArthur's 'Evangelistic Praying' can help to increase your to desire and your usefulness in this important duty, which is also one of our greatest privileges to pray for and direct sin-sick souls to King Jesus.