The Doctrine Of Man's Future Eternity

The Doctrine Of Man's Future Eternity by John Jackson
Joseph J. Adrian

John Jackson, a 17th-century Puritan Pastor, opens with six principles regarding the human soul. A couple of these are: 1. Every person consists of a body and soul joined together. 2. Every soul is immortal. These are important truths in our generation, especially because so many in the world in which we live either deny the immortality of the soul, deny the existence of the soul altogether, or live as if they have no soul (even if they don't verbally deny it).

One of the great uses of faith is, ". . . to be, as it were, instead of sight, or to make the unseen and eternal things of hell and heaven, which God has revealed to be in existence as if our bodily eyes beheld them. . . ." The Scriptures exhort Christians to walk by faith, not by sight. The Word of God also directs us to believe in God who we cannot see with our eyes, but He can be known and seen through the eye of faith.

Do men in general desire wisdom? Very few are unconcerned, about being viewed as fools, by their fellow man. Even above that, we should desire to be wise in the sight of God. The manner in which we prepare, or don't carefully consider, our eternal state reveals the degree of wisdom we truly possess——"If men are so wise and careful to provide for this life, which is but temporal, how prudent and provident should they be for the life to come, which is eternal?" The effects of "Man's Fall" and departure from God can be seen clearly in this, that they even need to be convinced to place the far weightier emphasis on "The Things Unseen" which are eternal, as opposed to "The Things Which Are Seen," which are temporal and one day will perish altogether.

Do you desire heaven? Do you fear the judgment and wrath of God? The Bible clearly reveals "The Only Way" to escape the coming wrath and vengeance of Almighty God——repent and believe in Jesus Christ, submit to the commandments of God (love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself) and lastly——"renew your repentance and faith, all the days of your life, as your sins are renewed."

This important work by John Jackson is a fine example of "The Stated Purpose" of Puritan Publications——"To expand the Kingdom of God by making available books such as this."