A Breathing After God

A Breathing After God
Joseph J. Adrian

In "A Breathing After God," the Puritan minister expounds Psalm 27:4 "One thing I have desired of the Lord. . . ." Do we only need one thing? Did David, at this point in his life, have only one need? We are created beings, and continually have many needs. What then is David's meaning? ". . . his meaning is, comparatively . . . ." It is a matter of priority ". . . seek ye first the Kingdom of God"——"There is a difference of degree of things . . . there are some that are greater goods, and some less." What is "The One Thing" that David saw as his greatest need? "God has set spiritual things, as the one only thing . . . ." Not only is this not a priority for many, in the world in which we live a multitude give no place to "Spiritual Things" at all. They live as if they don't even possess a soul.

Holy desires are wrought in believers by "The Spirit of God" who dwells in them. Sibbes gives this wise counsel——"When we have holy desires stirred up by God, turn them to prayers." Are desires and prayers the same? "A prayer is more than a desire, it is a desire put up to God." What we desire, if they are holy desires, should fuel our prayers.

Sin entertained in one's heart is a hindrance to prayer, a hindrance to communing with a Holy God. "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me." Psalm 66:18. Continual warfare against sin, must be maintained, if a close walking with the Lord is desired.

One thing that Pastor Sibbes contends that distinguishes "The Child Of God" from the hypocrite is that——". . . God's children pray always." They desire their God to fulfill His will, and the prayers of "His Children" are a means that He has ordained to bring about that end. They have seen God work, through their prayers and the prayers of "His People."

Sibbes asks this searching question——What is the bent of your soul? An honest answer to this question will reveal your true spiritual state. What is a "Biblical Response" to this question that indicates a healthy and prosperous soul? ". . . that God might be glorified, that His Church and cause might prosper, that others might be converted. . . ."

Richard Sibbes was an early influential English Puritan. He is best known for "The Bruised Reed," but all of his works are of great value to Lord's people.